Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ruts, what rut you ask, life goes on and this is mine what am I to do about it, how did I even get here? One day you are healthy, happy, and going about your life without a care, and slowly day by day, month to month in to the years you progress until one day you wake to find the ever narrowing walls of the rut that has became your life. Looking up at the narrowing light at the end of the virtual tunnel, it seems so far away. and so hard to reach. How do I get out of this rut is the question that burns in my mind I hear it clearly, but no enlightenment is present to whisper the answer. Some say just change, it's your life you have control. but do I really, I know that I do, just like you know you do, but excuses come easily and they help to combat the fear of the situation, the fear of taking control of my life. So how does one take back control of their life. I guess the first thing is to identify the parts of my present life that isn't making me happy and start by changing them. I need to step out into faith and take back my life!

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