Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wow I Can Be a Mommy Too

Now, I know what your thinking? how can a man be a mommy wells its like this, I adopted three little kitten that was orphaned and thought nursing them back to health and bottle feeding them I somehow became their mommy, or at lease in their little eyes.I know each one of them now by their sound, the way they walk and believe it or not the way they smell just like a good mommy is suppose to.

I have raised animals all my life cats, dogs, raccoons, and even a orphaned squirrel or two. but beside my dog Poddy I don't think I ever developed such a strong bond with an animal or in this case animals. I have been caring for them now for three weeks and they are all in great health now and growing like weeds, but I know I am going to dread letting them go when it comes time to find homes for them.

Beside the strong emotional bond the whole experience has been a great lessen, I guess it has let me get in touch with my feminine side. I really look forward to the time when they are all on be purring and nuzzling me at night after a feeding,I find it is very relaxing and it seems it as done something that the medicines I take hasn't, and that is pull me out of my depression. I guess its true when you are busy caring for some others needs your troubles seem further away, and it lets you look at them same problems with a different prospective.

To all you mommies out there, I salute you! I just got a little taste of the experience you have as a mother, and to be honest as a man who has raised two children I en-vie you. I was a great dad but the experience is way different from being a mom and as a dad and a grandfather now I am glad I got a small peek at the differences


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